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began as a partnership between the Dean Family and the Boomsma Family; a partnership that brings together more than six decades of a commitment to producing safe, high-quality eggs.

As a leading producer of shell and liquid eggs, Centrum Valley recognizes that leadership requires firm attention to egg safety and an equal dedication to ensuring the well-being of the animals in our care, and the protection of the land, air and water resources around us.

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Jim Dean is the CEO of Centrum Valley Farms. He brings to the farm more than 45 years of experience in egg farming. Jim serves on the Executive Board of Directors of the United Egg Producers, serving as the Chairman and on the animal welfare committee. He is a past board member of the Iowa Poultry Association; US Egg Marketers and the Midwest United Egg Producers. In 2009, Jim was inducted into the Iowa Poultry Association Hall of Fame.

Dean's three sons have partnered with him and the Boomsma family to continue improvements to Iowa's largest egg farms. Together, under his leadership, the two families are using their industry-leading knowledge and expertise to ensure the farms remain a leader in egg safety and provide the best, highest-quality eggs for their customers.


Steve Boomsma serves as Chief Operating Officer for Centrum Valley Farms. The Boomsma family, starting with Steve's grandfather, Cornelius Boomsma, has been involved in egg processing and production since the 1950s. After first buying into Boomsma's, Inc. egg farming operations in the late 1970s, Steve worked his way up the management ladder, where he held positions as transportation manager, sales manager and processing plant manager. He is a former board member of the Iowa Falls Economic Development Corporation and a current Board Member for United Egg Producers and River's Edge Church in Iowa Falls. He is also a member of the Iowa Poultry Association.

The original Boomsma owners, including Steve Boomsma, Jim Dean, and Brian Boomsma, founded Centrum Valley Farms in April of 2011. Following that family tradition, the farms' leaders are working side-by-side to make egg safety, animal well-being, food quality and customer satisfaction top priorities on their farms.